Energy Consumption of Buildings Exceeds 35%

Energy Consumption of Buildings Exceeds 35%Energy Consumption of Buildings Exceeds 35%

Over 35% of Iran's total energy consumption are consumed in buildings, Iran Energy Efficiency Organization's director for efficiency plans said.

"Buildings are the most energy-intensive sector in Iran, gobbling up 50% of electricity and 40% of gas consumption," Ahmadreza Tavakkoli was quoted as saying by Shana Wednesday.

"Energy consumption in buildings is four times higher than the global average … whereas the lion's share of energy in developed countries is consumed in industries," he added.

Tavakkoli said one way to put a damper on unrestrained energy consumption in commercial and residential buildings is by implementing building management systems, or BMS.

"BMS controls energy consumption all across a building, minimizes human intervention and saves energy in cooling, heating and lighting of buildings," he said.  The official added that the technology is widely adopted in the US and several European countries such as Germany and Denmark.

"Some European companies operating in Iran's market are currently offering BMS services," he said, without naming names.

Tavakkoli stressed that the technology will gradually pick up, once the IEEO introduces a comprehensive standard for the implementation of BMS systems in new buildings.

"It [the standard] will be optional at first, but will gradually become mandatory for all builders," he said.

Data show consumption of energy and natural resources in Iran are often above global averages. But a glimpse of reports provided by international organizations shows energy consumption in Iran's buildings is not as bad as the IEEO claims.

According to the US Energy Information Association, 41% of total US energy consumption were in residential and commercial buildings in 2014, while energy consumed by outdoor lighting was relatively small compared to the total energy consumption in the US. The International Energy Agency also says buildings represent 32% of total energy consumption in the world.

In terms of primary energy consumption, buildings represent around 40% in IEA's 29 member countries, including the US, most EU members as well Japan, South Korea and Turkey.

Iran is an energy superpower, holding roughly 10% of oil reserves and 17% of gas reserves in the world. But data show the country recycles only 28% of its used oil and gas whereas the figure for certain countries stands at 60%.