British Company Launches Ahvaz Oilfield Project

British Company Launches Ahvaz Oilfield ProjectBritish Company Launches Ahvaz Oilfield Project

The research-based development of Ahvaz Oilfield, in cooperation with a British oil company LR-Senergy, has started, the head of reservoir studies and field development department of Research Institute of Petroleum Industry announced on Sunday.

“Some representatives from the British company have visited the capital Tehran and Ahvaz [the provincial capital of Khuzestan],” Mohammad Keramati was quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.

LR-Senergy is an upstream energy services consultancy whose expertise includes wells, production optimization, geoscience and facilities engineering. The company has taken over projects in African countries, including Cameron, Liberia and Namibia, during the past decade.

"Based on the agreement, a joint workshop was held by RIPI and LR-Senergy," Keramati said, adding that representatives from National Iranian South Oil Company and officials engaged in the plan attended the training course.

The official stressed that feasibility studies of many projects for employing enhanced oil recovery methods are being conducted in the oilfield and LR-Senergy is due to cooperate with Iran in some of them.  

“As the development plan is a 10-year project, comprising different phases with new challenges, plans call for employing other international companies, such as LR-Senergy, that have the required experience,” Keramati said.  

The super-huge Ahvaz Oilfield produces about 700,000-750,000 barrels of oil per day and its in-place reserve is estimated at 27 billion barrels.