US, Cuba to Resume Flights After 50 Years

US, Cuba to Resume Flights After 50 YearsUS, Cuba to Resume Flights After 50 Years

The United States and Cuba expected to sign an agreement Tuesday launching up to 110 daily US commercial flights to Havana and nine other destinations in Cuba, restoring regular air travel for the first time in more than 50 years.

Once the accord is signed, US authorities will immediately invite American airlines to submit applications to operate the flights, with routes to be set up in a matter of months, officials said, AFP reported.

Additionally, the Cuban government will give “thorough consideration to future requests from the US government to increase this level of service,” US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Transportation Affairs Thomas Engle said.

Terms of the agreement allow for regular flights “between any city in the US and any city in Cuba,” provided it is equipped with proper infrastructure for international flights, he added.

The United States announced plans to resume the flights in December, on the first anniversary of the start of reconciliation between Washington and Havana.

Under the new arrangement, airlines in the two countries can now strike deals in such areas as code-sharing and aircraft leasing, the Cuban Embassy said at the time.