PSEEZ Gas Condensate Exports Up 64%

PSEEZ Gas Condensate Exports Up 64%
PSEEZ Gas Condensate Exports Up 64%

The export of gas condensates from Pars Special Economic Energy Zone to 29 countries witnessed a 64% growth in the Iranian month ending January 20, compared with last year’s corresponding period, the managing director of PSEEZ said.

“More than 1.45 million tons of gas products, worth over $589 million, were exported from the PSEEZ’s customs,” Mehdi Yousefi was quoted as saying by Shana.

“The export of non-oil commodities from the zone indicates a 24% rise in value. These goods amounted to 1.118 million tons, which were worth more than $617 million.”

Yousefi noted that total exports from the zone, including gas condensates and non-oil products, in the month were over 2.57 million tons, which showed a 43% increase.

Announcing an 18% rise in weight and a 24% growth in value of all exports from the PSEEZ compared with the previous month (ended December 21, 2015), the official said the rising trend of exports is expected to continue, as new phases of South Pars Gas Field go on stream.

Exports from the zone include light and heavy polyethylene, diethylene glycol, monoethylene glycol, triethylene glycol, urea, butane, propane, paraxylene, methanol and cement.

PSEEZ was established in 1998 in ‏‎ Bushehr Province, which includes Asalouyeh, utilizes South ‎Pars oil and gas resources and promotes commercial activities in oil, gas and ‎petrochemical industries.‎

About 100 square kilometers of land at Asalouyeh have been allocated for hosting complexes and facilities such as refineries.

Some 28 refineries and 25 petrochemical complexes are planned to be established in Asalouyeh and 60,000 people work inside the ‎zone.‎