Germans to Build Large Solar Plant in Isfahan

Germans to Build Large Solar Plant in Isfahan
Germans to Build Large Solar Plant in Isfahan

German investors will construct one of the world's biggest solar power plants in the central province of Isfahan, a representative of the German company said on Thursday.

Addressing the International Investment Opportunities' Convention in Creative City of Isfahan, Ashton J Flooring said Iran can draw on Germany's valuable experience in renewable energies, IRNA reported.  "Notwithstanding Iran's access to huge hydrocarbon reserves, this country not only endorses renewable development projects but also seeks to take advantage of clean energies, which can present such a unique opportunity for foreign investors," he said.

"The mega solar power project will supply electricity to 475,000 households for 30 years. The plan is among the largest solar projects in the world."

According to the German representative, the new solar power plant, which will be built in Sagzi region in Isfahan, with the best geographical conditions to develop such a project, is definitely eco-friendly as it will prevent the emission of 1,130 kilograms of carbon dioxide.  

Energy experts believe that 1 kilowatt of sunlight produces 2,000 kW of clean energy. They believe Iran can produce 40,000 MW of wind power and the volume can increase fivefold.

To expand power production infrastructure from renewables, Iran has turned to European powerhouse Germany that produces 90,000 megawatts from renewables, more than Iran's total power generation capacity of 74,000 MW.

The two-day International Investment Opportunities Convention was attended by 40 economic delegations from Kuwait, the UAE, Turkey, South Korea, Spain, Georgia, Switzerland, Germany, Iraq, Oman, Austria, China, Afghanistan, Poland, Canada, Russia and Greece as well as a delegation each from Spain and Austria.