NIDC Drillings Reach 268,000m

NIDC Drillings Reach 268,000mNIDC Drillings Reach 268,000m

By employing 75 offshore and onshore rigs, the National Iranian Drilling Company has managed to drill over 268,000 meters in oil and gas wells nationwide, the NIDC's deputy for drilling operations said.

Hamidreza Khoshayand also told Shana that over the nine months ending December 21, about 136 exploratory, developmental and repair wells in 10 provinces have undergone drillings by the company.

"Of the total, 69 wells were developmental, 65 repair wells and only two exploratory ones," he added.

NIDC was founded in 1979 and operates as a subsidiary of National Iranian Oil Company. It engages in the exploration, development and delineation drilling of oil and gas wells.

The company’s services include well logging, cementing and acidizing, drill stem test, well testing, training, development and general services.

NIDC is in charge of all offshore and onshore drilling activities. It provides more than 90% of drilling services needed by the oil companies inside the country.

In 2011, NIDC, drilled or completed 192 oil and gas wells, drilled 454,000 meters of wells and provided more than 8,000 expert or technical services to customers.

On plans to accelerate drilling operations, Khoshayand noted that by utilizing modern drilling methods, obeying health, safety and environment regulations, and coordinating with the submitting companies, drillings in 27 oil and gas wells have been completed, saving a compound 457 days.

"The early accomplishment of projects yields a high economic value," he said.  

"In the same period, we have added three heavy onshore drilling machinery, namely Fath 39, 94 and 95, to reinforce the company's drilling ability."