New Water Treatment Plant Launched

New Water Treatment Plant LaunchedNew Water Treatment Plant Launched

President Hassan Rouhani officially inaugurated a new water treatment plant in Pakdasht County in southeast Tehran for stabilizing the supply of potable water to more than 250,000 citizens. The new plant is the seventh major water treatment complex to come on stream in and around the capital, IRNA reported. An integral part of the project was the laying of 82 kilometers of pipeline from Mamlo Dam, located 30 kilometers off the city of Tehran, to supply water to the new complex.  Carried out at a cost of $366 million, the new unit is a major step toward addressing the problem of water supply to one of the less developed areas of Tehran. The president also gave the go-ahead on Wednesday for the construction of two more water treatment units in eastern Salehabad and Sorkheh Hesar districts. The two units are designed to collect and treat surface waters and are slated for launch by end 2016. The government is planning to boost Malmo Dam's water treatment capacity to more than 100 million cubic meters per year by 2021.