Turkmen Gasoline Imports Halted

Turkmen Gasoline Imports HaltedTurkmen Gasoline Imports Halted

Iran has stopped gasoline imports from Turkmenistan, the managing director of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company said.

"Due to the low quality of Turkmenistan's gasoline, we have decided to halt gasoline imports from the neighboring country," Seyyed Nasser Sajjadi was also quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.

"Earlier this week, a 5-million-liter cargo was sent back to Turkmenistan because it did not meet Iran's standards."

Iran plans to achieve self-sufficiency in gasoline production and start the export of petroleum products, including Euro-4 gasoline, upon the completion of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery in the port city of Bandar Abbas in less than two years.

Currently, about 20 million liters of gasoline are produced and supplied by domestic refineries daily in compliance with Euro-4 standards. The NIORDC chief noted that with the advent of the cold season, average gasoline consumption has decreased and the trend is expected to continue until the end of winter. Since a month ago, Iran's daily gasoline consumption was at 66.5 million liters on average.

"Concurrent with the decreasing trend of gasoline consumption, its storage for March 2016 (when gasoline usage hikes every year as the nation celebrates Norouz—the Iranian New Year) has been started," he said.

Sajjadi noted that at present the strategic storage condition of liquefied fuels, especially gasoline and diesel, is appropriate, stressing that there is no problem in supplying fuel to subscribers in winter.