Global Petrochem Players Visit Asalouyeh

Global Petrochem Players Visit AsalouyehGlobal Petrochem Players Visit Asalouyeh

A group of executives from major global petrochemical companies toured the gas and petrochemical facilities of Asalouyeh in Bushehr Province on Tuesday.

The visit came two days after the state-owned National Petrochemical Company introduced the country’s capacity and investment opportunities in the petrochemical sector to representatives of 97 international firms in a high-level forum in Tehran.

Marzieh Shahdaei, project director of NPC, told a news conference in Asalouyeh on Tuesday that the world’s biggest olefin and aromatic production plants are operating in the southern city.

"Asalouyeh is the largest port for petrochemical export in the Middle East," she said.

The one-day visit was part of efforts to introduce Iran’s petrochemical industry to internationals and attract foreign finance to develop the key sector which, according to officials, can attract a massive $70 billion in investment in the post-sanctions period.

NPC chief Abbas Sheri-Moqaddam said the relatively inexpensive energy prices, tax exemptions in energy zones and a 75-million-people market are incentives that will woo internationals to invest in the country’s petrochemical projects.

"Petrochemical projects in the post-sanctions period will have low investment risks and high rate of return on investment for international firms," he said.

Financial Tribune will soon publish a detailed report on the visit of international petrochemical firms to Asalouyeh.