Turkey-Russia Gas Project Unharmed

Turkey-Russia Gas Project UnharmedTurkey-Russia Gas Project Unharmed

Turkey's row with Moscow over the downing of a Russian jet over Syria has not affected joint energy projects, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said. "There is no sign yet that the problems with Russia will affect projects like natural gas and the Akkuyu nuclear power plant," Erdogan said in a speech to businessmen that was broadcast live by NTV news channel, Reuters reported. He denied Russian assertions that Moscow had suspended talks with Turkey on the planned TurkStream natural gas pipeline project, saying Turkey was the one to halt work. "Do not believe the erroneous press reports that Russia has halted TurkStream … This is a project that we shelved because our demands were not met," he said. "No negativity has resulted from the problems we have recently faced. Turkey will not collapse because of your imports of $1 billion. Who cares if you buy it or not? We'll find other sources behind different doors." Erdogan said Turkey is seeking to buy additional gas from Qatar and Azerbaijan should Russian supplies decline. It will also pursue renewable, domestic sources.