Thailand Joins List of Iran’s Oil Customers

Thailand Joins List of Iran’s Oil CustomersThailand Joins List of Iran’s Oil Customers

Thailand is willing to purchase Iran’s crude oil, deputy oil minister for international affairs said.

After holding talks with Thailand’s Deputy Commerce Minister Suvit Maesincee, Amirhossein Zamaninia said due to Thailand’s growing need for energy, it has called for importing oil from Iran, Shana reported.

Stressing that Thailand can be a gateway to Iran’s entry into the markets of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the official said, “Expanding economic and energy relations with the southern Asian states, especially Thailand, tops our priority list.”

Underscoring next year’s Iran-Thailand Economic Commission, Zamaninia said, “Plans have been made so that the two sides explore untapped investment potentials in the energy sector prior to the summit due to be held as early as next year.”

Executives of a number of Thai energy companies, including Siam Gas and Petrochemicals Public Company Limited and Petroleum Authority of Thailand, accompanied Maesincee in the meeting with Zamaninia.

Iran will boost its oil production within one week of lifting the international sanctions and “will raise production by 500,000 barrels per day in the first week after sanctions are removed”, Rokneddin Javadi, the head of National Iranian Oil Company, was quoted as saying by Shana.

“A 500,000-barrel increase in Iran’s oil production will take place in less than a week after the effective lifting of sanctions.”

Iran’s customers for this increased production level will mostly be its traditional customers in Asia, including India, China, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. This is while Thailand is also willing to join Iran’s oil customers’ list.