Rise in Gasoline Output

Rise in Gasoline OutputRise in Gasoline Output

Iran's gasoline production rose to 59 million liters per day on average since the beginning of the current Iranian year (started March 21), indicating a rise of about 1.2 million compared to last year's total output, said the deputy of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company.

Hoping that the average gasoline production will reach close to 61 million liters per day by March 2016, Shahrokh Khosravani said, "There is a growing need of new refinery construction nationwide to meet domestic gasoline demand."

Data show that Iran's gasoline consumption has increased in the past eight months compared to the same period of last year, Fars News Agency reported.

However, gasoline imports nearly doubled in the seven-month period ending October 22 to reach 8.4 million liters, compared with the 4.6 million liters imported during the similar period of last year, according to NIORDC Managing Director Seyyed Nasser Sajjadi.

Due to higher production prices compared to those of imported gasoline and the existence of "rents on imports", the government is not determined to move toward self-sufficiency, says Seyyed Mehdi Mousavi-Nejad, a member of Parliament's Energy Commission, said without elaboration.

In September, officials said Iran will become a gasoline exporter when the first phase of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas goes on stream. Once fully operational, it will have the capacity to produce 36 million liters of Euro 4-compliant gasoline per day. Iran plans to produce high-quality gasoline to curb air pollution that hampers the wellbeing of millions of Iranians. Emission standards define the acceptable limits for exhaust fumes of new vehicles.