Sudan Wants  to Join OPEC

Sudan Wants  to Join OPECSudan Wants  to Join OPEC

Sudan has officially applied for membership in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, the country's oil minister, Mohamed Zayed Awad, said on Tuesday. "We have already submitted an application and are waiting for a decision," the minister said. "Now, everything depends on OPEC," Sputnik reported. "We have already applied and are waiting for a decision," he said without elaborating. Sudan is the second state to request OPEC membership in the past few months. Last month, OPEC said Indonesia will resume full membership of OPEC in December after a break of almost seven years. The Asian nation suspended membership in January 2009 after becoming a net importer of oil. Indonesia’s role as both energy consumer and producer will help OPEC “bridge” the divide between the two groups, deepening the organization’s ties with the region where demand growth is strongest, the country's energy minister, Sudirman Said, noted in June. Currently, OPEC has 12 members after several composition changes, particularly Angola's accession and the return of Ecuador in 2007.