Commercializing Gas Stations Will Diversify Products

Commercializing Gas Stations Will Diversify ProductsCommercializing Gas Stations Will Diversify Products

Commercializing gas stations is not about the entry of new brands or increasing the number of stations, but the diversity of products they offer, stressed the head of the Iranian Syndicate of Gas Station Owners.

“Customers should pick a gas station based on the quality of fuel it offers and not the popularity of brands,” ILNA quoted Bijan Haj-Mohammadreza as saying. “Currently, gas stations offer one product by a specific company, which translates into slim pickings for the customers.”

In the first week of October, the syndicate announced oil and gas majors Total and the Royal Dutch Shell have received the green light to build 200 gas stations in the capital Tehran and other cities. This is while CEO of state-run National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company, Seyyed Nasser Sajjadi, ruled out any negotiations with or approach by the duo to enter the energy retail market. A Shell spokesman also told The Guardian at the time that it was unaware of any further developments in Iran.

“We have not sought, or been granted, any licenses to operate retail sites in Iran. We remain in full compliance with all international sanctions,” Shell said.

Haj-Mohammadreza had then said the entry of the French and Anglo-Dutch companies will help commercialize the supply and distribution of petroleum products and reduce government monopoly in energy retail.

“Currently, we have no intentions of incorporating foreign companies in setting up and developing fuel stations, and no serious negotiations will be made until sanctions are fully lifted,” he said. Underlining the fact that Iranian stations are not on par with those in the US or Europe, Haj-Mohammadreza said the technology needed for building stations is not complicated, but the equipments required are missing in the country and will hopefully become accessible after the removal of sanctions.

According to government officials, domestic gas station owners can establish a private joint-stock company to create their own brand. The first Iranian brand was expected to be unveiled by early October.