Iraq Welcomes Iranian Water Expertise

Iraq Welcomes Iranian Water ExpertiseIraq Welcomes Iranian Water Expertise

Iraq’s Minister of Water Resources Mohsin al-Shammari voiced readiness to foster mutual cooperation with Iran in the fields of water and wastewater infrastructure.

“On behalf of my government, I welcome investments by Iranian companies that are eager to share technical and production knowhow with my nation to help its water sector meet the national demand,” he said on the sidelines of the 11th International Water and Wastewater Exhibition of Iran.

Also known as Watex 2015, the exhibit is currently underway at Tehran’s Permanent Fairground, ISNA reported.   

“Given the fact that the two countries are facing water shortage, and environmental challenges including climate change and increasing temperature, data sharing can be one of the main courses of collaboration,” he added.

In a meeting with Shammari, Iran’s Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian said many Iranian companies are active in Iraqi markets in the fields of energy and water industry, while the country is a huge exporter of pipes, pumps and fittings to its southwestern neighbor.

“Our water industry services are on par with global standards that not only renders Iran needless of imports, but provides for a lucrative export market,” Tasnim News Agency quoted him as saying.

Appraising Iran’s capacities in the water industry, Shammari was also confident that Iran can help Iraq meet its water needs.

He pointed out Iraq’s unfulfilled need for 20,000 megawatts of electricity and said the power plant developed by Iranian experts in the city of Najaf has managed to supply a part of the demand.

Noting that the exhibition is an opportune occasion for the neighboring country to explore Iran’s capacities up close, Chitchian expressed Iranian companies’ eagerness to get a slice of the Iraqi market and begin offering water and wastewater services in the country.

“Such a collaboration can boost Iran’s export to Iraq,” he said.

The proposal was endorsed by Shammari who called for further assessments.