94% Rise in SP Non-Oil Exports

94% Rise in SP Non-Oil Exports94% Rise in SP Non-Oil Exports

Iran exported 1.05 million tons of non-oil goods from South Pars, its biggest gas field in the Persian Gulf, during Aug. 23-Sept. 22, generating more than $670 million in revenues, director general of Customs Office at the Pars Special Economic Energy Zone said.

Khodadad Rahimi added that this marks a 94% rise in terms of volume year-on-year, IRNA reported.

"Gas condensate exports from South Pars reached 913,000 tons in the period, bringing in $405 million and registering a 26% rise in terms of volume compared to the same period of last year," he said.

Neighboring Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Armenia as well as Russia, China, Egypt, Qatar and the UAE are among major buyers of South Pars non-oil output. The official added that gas condensate production and exports will significantly rise upon the launch of several SP phases in the near future. Gas condensate exports comprised around 46% of the volume and 38% of total value of SP non-oil exports in that period.

South Pars is the world's largest gas field, shared between Iran and Qatar, that covers an area of 3,700 square kilometers of Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. It adjoins Qatar’s North Field, which measures 6,000 square kilometers.

Upon the completion of seven high-priority phases in the near future, SP output will rise by nearly 170 mcm/d.