Turkmenistan Building Oil Terminal at Afghan Border

Turkmenistan Building Oil Terminal at Afghan BorderTurkmenistan Building Oil Terminal at Afghan Border

The construction of a terminal for receiving, warehousing and delivery of petroleum products with a capacity of 540,000 tons is underway at Ymamnazar checkpoint of Atamyrat district of Lebap region in Turkmenistan, said the report released by Turkmenistan's Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources.

To date, a large part of the construction and installation work has been successfully completed, Trend reported.

Turkmenistan, based on its status of permanent neutrality, implements a close and mutually beneficial cooperation with neighboring countries, according to the report.

“The establishment of cooperation with neighboring Afghanistan is a striking example of this,” said the report.

“The new terminal will become a considerable support for sending oil products to this friendly country.”

In addition, it is noted that the scale of this cooperation will further expand with the commissioning of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Tajikistan railroad.

“A road with a length of 85 kilometers is being constructed on the Atamyrat-Ymamnazar site now in Turkmenistan,” the report said. “As the result of construction of the new road, there will no longer be need for transporting oil products by truck.”