Commercialized Gas Stations Planned

Commercialized Gas Stations PlannedCommercialized Gas Stations Planned

The Oil Ministry has plans to commercialize gas stations and the first gas station brand will be unveiled in the near future, Bijan Haj-Mohammad Reza, head of the Syndicate of Gas Station Owners, said.

"For the first time, gas stations will be operating under brand names in Iran," the official was was quoted as saying by Shana.

This is while unofficial reports suggest major oil and gas companies, namely France's Total and Royal Dutch Shell, have put forward proposals to establish at least 100 new gas stations in Iran.

Familiar sources have claimed the Oil Ministry has already signed a deal with the two oil and gas heavyweights.

Haj-Mohammad Reza also said gas station owners can found a private joint-stock company to create their brand.

The first Iranian brand will be revealed in September or early October, with "Iranian" or "Iran's Green Fuel" underlined as the most likely trade names for the first commercialized gas station in the country.

The move comes as dozens of single gas stations equipped with one fuel dispenser and a couple of pumps are planned across Tehran in the near future.

This is aimed at helping address the capital's lack of gas stations and heavy traffic, while preventing wastage of time and fuel.

The proposal was made by the Oil Ministry and approved by the parliament. Municipality districts will provide land and facilities for the gas stations.