1st Oil Product Pipeline for Chabahar Power Plant

1st Oil Product Pipeline for Chabahar Power Plant1st Oil Product Pipeline for Chabahar Power Plant

The first pipeline to supply oil products is due to become operational in Sistan-Baluchestan Province to fuel the Chabahar Power Plant.

"The pipeline, 20 km long and 14 inches in diameter, aims to connect Chabahar Power Plant directly to diesel tankers docking at Shahid Beheshti Port. The project will positively impact both the economy and environment of Chabahar and the province," Ali Mohammadi, the project manager, was quoted as saying by Shana.

"The project, which is being implemented under an engineering, procurement and construction contract, has made 41% progress," he added.

The official said 10 kilometers of the pipeline have been laid and the pipes required for the second half of the pipeline have already been purchased.

The power plant uses 3 million liters of diesel per day, which is transported from Mahshahr Oil Terminal and Lavan and Bandar Abbas refineries using fuel trucks.

Mohammadi said the power plant will be supplied with 440 cubic meters of fuel per hour.

"$13.5 million have been allocated to this project, firstly to guarantee the continued operation of the power plant and secondly to reduce fuel delivery costs and road accidents," he said.

The project manager stressed that except for measuring the volume, local workforce and domestic products have been employed for implementing the project. Mohammadi said environmental standards have been observed in the project and although the pipeline passes through the city, protective measures have been employed to ensure public safety.