Water Supply to Southern Regions a Priority

Water Supply to Southern Regions a PriorityWater Supply to Southern Regions a Priority

The Energy Ministry has prioritized the supply of potable water to the southern coasts of the country, a deputy energy minister said.

Alireza Daemi added that the Ministry of Energy is responsible for supplying consumers in all sectors and regions with water and electricity.

"The ministry is planning to make use of saltwater in dry areas, hence simultaneous desalination and electricity generation could be among priorities," Mehr News Agency quoted Daemi as saying.

The deputy minister stressed on the implementation of the National Spatial Strategy Plan mainly because of the need for promoting sustainable development and supplying water and electricity.

"Average annual rainfall of the country is 250 ml, which has decreased to 205 ml in recent years," he said.

Daemi noted that the private sector is running many desalination projects along 2,000 km of the southern coastline and the ministry will purchase the purified water.

"Although desalinated water costs $1 per cubic meter, we believe it can help us partially solve the problem of water scarcity," he said.