Petrochem Export to US Infeasible

Petrochem Export to US InfeasiblePetrochem Export to US Infeasible

Exporting Iranian petrochemical products to North America is costly, making it less feasible, whereas Iran can enter the market in other areas, said Mohammad Javad Sharifi Niknafs, the managing director of Iran Petrochemical Commercial Company.

"As the US is a major producer of petrochemicals, exporting such products from Iran seems hardly possible," the official was quoted as saying by IRNA.

The official said although IPCC has studied the market in detail, there has been no request nor any plan to export Iranian petrochemicals to the US.

"Transportation to South America is extremely costly, so any trading plan should be accompanied with compensative measures to balance the expenses, like round trip shipping," he said.

"Europe and Asia are the top priorities for exporting petrochemicals and in post-sanctions' era, we are planning to gradually revive and expand Iran's share in the market."

Iran lost its 30% share in petrochemical market in Europe to many companies, after sanctions were imposed on its petrochemical trade.

Sharifi said, "Although the revival of Iran's share in the market is a demanding task, hard efforts can get us back into the market."