Kazakhstan Ready to Resume Crude Swap With Iran

Kazakhstan Ready to Resume Crude Swap With IranKazakhstan Ready to Resume Crude Swap With Iran

Kazakhstan is ready to resume crude and liquefied petroleum gas swaps via Iran's northern oil terminal, the head of North Oil Terminals Company said.

"Given the Kazakh delegation's approval of the northern oil terminal's infrastructures, they called for negotiations to resume oil swap with Iran," Hamidreza Shahdoust added.

The head of visiting Kazakh economic delegation, which visited Iran's swap infrastructures in Mazandaran Province, noted that the terminal is one of the most advanced ones in the Caspian Sea region, ISNA reported.

According to the National Iranian Oil Terminals Company's report, 120,000 barrels can be unloaded and stored in the northern oil terminal per day, which can increase to 200,000 barrels.

In addition, it can rise to 500,000 barrels, when delivery is made through pipelines connected to the terminal.

Highlighting the fact that three ships with a capacity of 6,000 tons can berth and unload simultaneously in the terminal, Shahdoust noted that the dock's facilities, including unloading arms, pipelines, reservoirs and laboratory, are among the most modern in the region.

The Kazakh delegation is due to hold talks with the National Iranian Oil Company officials to start oil swap with Iran in the near future.