Plans to Expedite Renewable Projects

Plans to Expedite Renewable ProjectsPlans to Expedite Renewable Projects

The Energy Ministry plans to expedite the implementation of renewable energy projects. Speaking on the sidelines of a news conference on the occasion of Iran's Government Week (Aug. 24-30), Energy Minister Hamid Chitchian added that apart from $78 million worth of equipment, $2.5 billion of engineering and technical services in electricity and water sectors were exported during the last Iranian year (ended March 20, 2015), Tasnim News Agency reported. "Ten renewable power plants have added 78 megawatts to Iran's electricity generation capacity in two years," he said. "The development of renewable energy projects has been slow. However, plans have been made to expedite financing and implementation of such projects." According to Chitchian, during the same period, 119 substations as well as 29 power plant units went on stream in 11 provinces of Iran. "Although electricity generation experienced a 6.3% increase compared to last year, there have been sporadic blackouts in some provinces. This was not only due to a 3.3% rise in consumption but also because of limitations in electricity transmission infrastructures," he said.