Plan to Decontaminate Soil

Plan to Decontaminate Soil Plan to Decontaminate Soil

International companies have expressed interest in joint ventures with Iran, for decontamination of soil in oil-rich regions of the Middle East such as Iraq, Kuwait, and Azerbaijan.

Soil contaminated by oil in different regions of Iran have been entirely decontaminated using bacterial processes, stated Ibrahim Alaee, head of the Research Institute of Environment and Biotechnology of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), Shana reported. Alaee added: “The main strategy used by the Research Institute of Petroleum (RIP) to decontaminate soil is environmental.  The institute has successfully run pilots and completed soil decontamination projects in Khangiran rural district as well as other southern and central regions.” Many projects are in their final stages. With the help of science-based companies and the private sector, technologies for decontaminating soil using environmental processes have been planned within a new framework” he said.

  Decontamination will cut cost

As to how the process works Alaee explained: “during the first phase, with the use of bacterial and other processes involving regional microorganisms, soil contamination is reduced to less than four percent. Next, plants, which can decompose hydrocarbons, are selected and planted, and during this final process all remaining contaminants are eradicated.” The technology used in the process is relatively simple, and through the use of this process industrial and environmental costs will be cut significantly.