Power Generation Capacity Up 480 MW

Power Generation Capacity Up 480 MW

Iran's electricity production capacity has increased by 480 megawatts with the operation of three units in Seymareh Dam's power plant.
"Three 160-MW units went on stream in Seymareh power plant," Abdolmajid Hashem, electrical and mechanical manager of Seymareh project, was quoted as saying by Tasnim News Agency.
"In total, the power plant is expected to generate 850 gigawatts of hydroelectricity per annum when it operates at full capacity."
Seymareh is an arch dam on Seymareh River in Ilam Province, nearly 40 kilometers to the northwest of Darreh-Shahr and 106 km to the southeast of city of Ilam.  The power plant is situated across Talkhab Village about 1.5 km from the dam.
Studies on the dam were carried out in the mid to late 1970s. In 2006, concrete placement began, but the dam's first generator became operational in 2013.
The power plant, located downstream, houses three 160- MW Francis turbine-generators, which were connected to the national electricity network, boosting power production capacity by 480 MW.
"Besides generating an average of 684 GWh of electricity per annum,  Seymareh Dam is aimed at controlling surface water and supplying water to downstream water right owners," Hashem said.

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