Turkmenistan Developing Largest Gas Field

Turkmenistan Developing Largest Gas FieldTurkmenistan Developing Largest Gas Field

The development of the largest natural gas field in Turkmenistan, Galkynysh, will continue, the newspaper Neutral Turkmenistan said.

More than 20 production wells have been drilled during the preparation for the launch of refining capacities in the central part of the oil and gas area of the field, the newspaper said.

In 2014, the departments of Turkmen state concern “Turkmenraz” completed the construction of three production wells with a depth of over 4,500 meters with a total flow rate of more than 6.5 million cubic meters of natural gas per day, Hellenic Shipping News reported. Teams of the “Turkmengeologiya” State Corporation commissioned three more wells. This year, geologists plan to drill another four deep wells with a high flow rate of gas on the field, the article said.

Using the experience of foreign companies to introduce advanced technologies and render services with respect to mining and geological conditions of the “Galkynysh” field made it possible to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of drilling operations and cope with plans for the commissioning of gas wells. In addition, manufacturing operations in drilling conducted jointly with foreign companies contribute to further training of Turkmen specialists, the newspaper said.

The country’s largest fields are concentrated in the Mary province in the country’s east.

Under the program for development of the country’s oil and gas industry, it is planned to increase gas production volume to 230 billion cubic meters by 2030.