Oil Delegation to Visit Crimea

Oil Delegation to Visit CrimeaOil Delegation to Visit Crimea

An Iranian delegation intends to visit Crimea, Russia, to discuss cooperation in the supply of oil products, Crimean Fuel and Energy Minister Sergei Yegorov said. "They want to visit Crimea, but they have not done so as yet. However, they're going to visit us … I am unaware of the details of the Iranian delegation's visit, but it was mentioned that it would concern cooperation in the sphere of oil products' supply," the minister told RIA Novosti in an interview on Monday. According to Yegorov, an unspecified issue with the passports of the delegates delayed their visit to the peninsula. Earlier, a source in the Crimea-based Chernomorneftegaz Energy Company told RIA Novosti that Tehran would like to use the terminal for oil and petroleum products in the Crimean town of Feodosia to deliver its oil products to Russia.