Afghanistan Says Electrification to Reach 65% in 5 Years

Afghanistan Says Electrification to Reach 65% in 5 YearsAfghanistan Says Electrification to Reach 65% in 5 Years

An Afghan delegation attended the India-Afghanistan Renewable Energy Summit on Friday in New Delhi, India.

The summit was organized by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Afghan government, Afghanistan Renewable Energy Union, the Indian Embassy in Kabul and USAID, Wadsam reported.

Afghanistan rolled out the red carpet for Indian companies to invest in Afghanistan’s renewable energy sector.

Abdul Razique Samadi, CEO of Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, said Afghanistan aims to take up the level of electrification to 65% from the present 33% in the next five years.

“This can be achieved only when Afghanistan, instead of importing its energy requirements from neighboring countries, is able to bring technology for energy generation to the country. In this endeavor, Afghanistan looks to India for its continued support,” Samadi said.

Water and Energy Minister Ali Ahmad Osmani said Afghanistan had tremendous potential to produce energy from clean sources and the country’s doors were open for international investors to explore opportunities in this field.

FICCI’s Assistant Secretary-General Sheila Sudhakaran said FCCI was committed to help Afghanistan in every way possible to meet its energy needs.

"Indian and Afghan governments were encouraging the industry on both sides to explore various spheres for cooperation and collaboration," she said.