Substation to Facilitate Iran-Azerbaijan Power Exchange

Substation to Facilitate Iran-Azerbaijan Power ExchangeSubstation to Facilitate Iran-Azerbaijan Power Exchange

Parsabad Moghan's substation development project in Ardabil Province, northwestern Iran, is ready to go on stream, managing director of Azarbaijan Regional Electricity Company said on Wednesday.

Hossein Sabouri added that the construction of electrical substation commenced last November, high voltage equipment is being installed and it will go on stream in September, Mehr News Agency reported.

According to Sabouri, as soon as control cables, which make it easy to locate the voice, data and video cables, are procured, wiring operation will begin and equipment will be tested.

Highlighting the project's goal of ensuring reliable power distribution in northwest Iran, he noted that development of Parsabad Moghan substation will pave the way for electricity exchange between Iran and the neighboring state, Azerbaijan. Furthermore, Moghan Hydroelectric Power Plant, which stopped producing electricity three years ago, became operational, the news agency quoted the manager as saying.

Sabouri said Moghan lake has a capacity of about 12 million cubic meters And electricity from this 20-megawatt power plant will be transmitted to the national grid.

  Renewable Energy Cooperation

Azerbaijan's investment in Iran's renewable energy sources will expand electricity swap between the two states, Deputy Energy Minister Houshang Falahatian said on Wednesday.

Speaking on the sidelines of his visit with Akim Badalov, the director of State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources of Azerbaijan Republic, the official said, "Iran's Energy Ministry is planning to add 1,000 megawatts of renewable energy to the national grid."

According to Falahatian, an agreement will be signed between Iran's Energy Ministry and Azerbaijan's state agency so that Azeri companies can invest in Iran's renewable energy projects.

"Electricity consumption is on the rise worldwide and we cannot constantly use oil and gas to generate energy," Badalov said, adding that fossil fuel sources are neither environmentally friendly nor economical, while they are increasingly becoming depleted.

Referring to solar energy as the most distinctive source of renewable energy that can be converted to other forms directly or indirectly, Badalov said, "Cooperation with Iranian firms will not only lead to economic boom for both states, but would also supply much-needed electricity to Azerbaijan Republic."