1st Domestic Turbine Governor Manufactured

1st Domestic Turbine Governor Manufactured1st Domestic Turbine Governor Manufactured

Iranian engineers manufactured the first fully-indigenized hydro turbine governor, which is compatible with the highest international standards.

Turbine governor, which is one of the important auxiliary equipments in a hydroelectric generating set, was installed in Azad Dam 10-megawatt power plant in Kurdestan Province, Tasnim News Agency quoted the operator of Azad Dam, Hamid Ahmadzadeh, as saying. Hydro-turbine governing system is a close loop system that consists of controller, hydraulic servo system and regulating object, and usually controller and hydraulic servo systems are collectively referred to as the turbine speed governor.

The achievement is noteworthy, as Iran used to be an importer of turbine speed governor. It can automatically adjust the rotating speed of hydroelectric generators, keeping them running within the allowable deviation rated speed, so as to meet the requirements of power grid frequency quality.

In addition, it makes hydroelectric generating set automatically or manually adapt to the power grid load’s rise and fall.