Renewable Energy Parks for Tehran

Renewable Energy Parks for TehranRenewable Energy Parks for Tehran

The Islamic City Council of Tehran has passed a directive aimed at promoting renewable energy, which provides for inauguration of 10 "energy parks" in the capital by the yearend, head of Environment and Sustainable Development Department at Tehran's Municipality said.

The parks will run completely on renewable energy, Ali-Mohammad Shaeri was quoted by ISNA as saying.

The energy parks, with solar lighting systems, solar cookers, water desalination and cubicles, are aimed at promoting renewables while reducing consumption of energy.

There are further plans to utilize renewables in municipal buildings, the official said. Tehran's Municipality also intends to promote the use of renewable energy in private buildings by providing several incentives, the official said without further elaboration.

Issuance of construction permits for all public buildings has been made contingent on supplying at least 10% of energy through renewable sources, as per the new directive.

By the end of the municipality's Second Five-Year Development Plan (2013-17), energy consumption rate in all parks in the capital is expected to reduce by 5% at the least, with renewable energy sources having to comprise 20% of the consumed energy.

"Around 10% of the energy provided to citizens could be supplied through renewables," he added. "Exploitation of renewable energy is a major policy adopted by the municipality."

Iran needs to generate 5,000 MW of renewable energies by 2015 as stipulated in the Fifth Five-Year Economic Development Plan (2011-16).  While the share of renewable resources in the country’s total energy production currently stands at almost 0.5%, the number is expected to reach 5% in the next four years.