India to Supply US With Solar Energy

India to Supply US With Solar EnergyIndia to Supply US With Solar Energy

PV module manufacturer Vikram Solar has announced that the company has signed a master distribution agreement for residential and commercial PV installations with a leading US solar wholesaler, Clean Energy Distribution of Denver.

Vikram Solar is the manufacturer of the state-of-the-art mono crystalline and multi crystalline solar photovoltaic known as PV modules which supply sustainable solar electric power to both on-grid and off-grid residential, commercial as well as industrial establishments. Headquartered in Kolkata, it owns one of the most technologically advanced solar PV module manufacturing facilities in India.

Under the terms of this strategic agreement, Vikram Solar will supply Clean Energy Distribution with a total of 20 megawatt peak of high performance PV modules through December 2016, which includes 8 MWp of scheduled delivery during 2015, Nuclearenergydaily reported.

The agreement has within its terms a detailed and dynamic program of expansion that will lead to considerable increases on the initially stated volumes, Vikram emphasizes. Specifically created to provide coast to coast, instant response and 24 hour delivery, the Clean Energy infrastructure and affiliated regional partners anticipate extensive further market penetration within their existing customer base of residential and commercial consumers.

"Our solar products sales growth to date has been ahead of the market. With Vikram, we believe that this rate of growth will now increase dramatically, based on the higher harvesting density, and the technical competence that underscores the products design, superior performance and longevity of Vikram modules," Jesse Stubbs, President and CEO of Clean Energy points out.

Vikram Solar is headquartered in Kolkata, India, with subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Japan and Africa.