California Farmers Using Fracking Water

California Farmers Using Fracking WaterCalifornia Farmers Using Fracking Water

Farmers in Kern County, California, have been irrigating their crops with wastewater supplied by oil companies in a move that is objectionable for environmentalists, who are calling it "a pact with the devil."

Farmers in California have not had it easy. The state has endured four years of record drought with summer temperatures frequently exceeding 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celsius), Sputnik reported.  Drawing from the water table is also a challenge as more than 1,000 wells have dried up.

But there is another option. The Cawelo Water District, a cooperative financed by local farmers, has spent the last 20 years buying water from oil companies–Kern County is home to 80% of the state’s oil production.

Abby Auffant, a spokeswoman for Chevron, explains that the company supplies farmers with water which it must separate from crude oil. Chevron provides more than 500,000 barrels of water a day to the Cawleo Water District, which relies on Chevron for 50% of its supplies.

The water is filtered and then piped to a reservoir, where it is combined with supplies from neighboring oil plants before finally being mixed with freshwater.