Advanced Rig to Start Drilling in South Pars

Advanced Rig to Start Drilling in South Pars
Advanced Rig to Start Drilling in South Pars

The second modern Iran-owned offshore drilling rig DCI-2 joined the drilling fleet last week for use in the South Pars gas development projects, Shana news agency quoted Fazel Jamalzadeh, managing director of the International Drilling Company as saying on Tuesday.

"The cutting-edge cyber rig categorized as Super M2, which belongs to Petroiran Development Company, is capable of drilling at a depth of 300 feet and can be utilized to drill gas and oil wells up to a depth of 7,000 meters" the official said. The rig has the ability to move 15 and 9 meters in length and width respectively and can drill 15 wells without having to move. It weighs almost 9,000 tons.

According to Jamalzadeh, the first rig DCI-1 is being operated by Iranian technicians for more than a year. With that experience they can handle the modified DCI-2 much more efficiently.

Underscoring the satisfactory performance of DCI-1 in setting records in the South Parts Phase 20 development projects, the manager reiterated that the new rig will be ready to start drilling in the oil layer of the South Pars region in a few weeks.

 Petroiran Development Company was established in 1997 with the approval of the National Iranian Oil Company's board of directors to manage and implement oil and gas upstream projects. It was registered in Jersey Island, England. In the first thirteen years of its activity, the company made important achievements in the development of giant oil and gas fields, namely Nosrat & Farzam, Salman, Foroozan and the South Pars oil layer.

The International Drilling Company, supervised by PDC, was founded with the aim of managing and coordinating onshore and offshore drilling activities.

South Pars, located offshore in the Persian Gulf, holds almost 40% of Iran's proved natural gas reserves. It has 24 phases and is being developed by Iranian companies because most international companies pulled out after economic sanctions were imposed on Iran because of its nuclear energy program the West claims is a cover to develop an atomic weapon. Tehran strongly denies the charge and says the program is entirely for peaceful purposes.