Central Asia Potential Market for Iran Gasoil

Central Asia Potential Market for Iran GasoilCentral Asia Potential Market for Iran Gasoil

Iran is capable of exporting up to three million liters of gasoil to Afghanistan per day if it has the right strategy to prevail over potential competitors, Esmail Hasham Firouz , head of intentional affairs of the National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company said, Mehr News Agency reported Friday.

"Central Asia including Tajikistan, Georgia and Armenia are among countries Iran sees as potential customers," he remarked.

Referring to Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan as the main rivals for Iran in exporting gasoil to Afghanistan, Hasham Firouz reiterated that NIORDC will increase its market share through timely and effective plans. He did not elaborate.

Stating that the Tajiks consume almost three million liters of gasoil a day, he said, "This country can be among prospective customers; nevertheless, Kazakhstan is a major competitor which needs to be taken into account."

According to the official, oil products such as gasoil and in particular liquefied natural gas are exported to Georgia and Armenia on an irregular basis.

Moreover, Iran will "turn into a key player in exporting gasoil to regional markets" as soon as all South Pars development projects come on stream. The present surplus gasoil production capacity stands at 25 million liters per day.

South Pars is the world's largest gas field, shared between Iran and Qatar, covering an area of 3,700 square kilometers of Iran's territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. It adjoins Qatar’s North Field, which measures 6,000 square kilometers.

Iran exported over $14 billion worth of gas condensate, as well as $14.241 billion worth of petrochemical products during the last fiscal year, according to the Customs Administration's latest monthly report.

The main buyers of Iranian gas condensates are the same as its traditional oil customers, namely China, India, South Korea, Turkey, Taiwan and Japan.