SADRA Completing Aframax-2

SADRA Completing Aframax-2SADRA Completing Aframax-2

Construction of Aframax oil tankers according to international standards is indicative of Iran's technological prowess in manufacturing oil tankers of international acclaim, head of the board of directors of Iran Marine Industrial Company (SADRA) said, Shana reported Tuesday.

"Aframax-2, which is due to be delivered in two years to Venezuela, has registered a work-in-progress rate of approximately 70%," Qobad Choubdar said, adding that Iran has joined the club which until recently had a monopoly over the construction of medium-size crude carriers.

Referring to Iran's progress in shipbuilding, Choubdar noted, "Construction of the Aframax-1, built on Venezuela's order, was completed a year ago,  but delivery of the vessel has been delayed "because the buyer failed to meet its financial commitment and negotiations are underway to settle the issue." He did not elaborate.

Underscoring the fact that the tankers are built by drawing on domestic expertise, the official said, "In spite of the fact that the DNV.GL Maritime Academy, a member of the International Association of Classification Society, had monitored the entire process, due to sanctions it refused to issue the relevant licenses which were eventually granted by the Iranian Classification Society."

SADRA and the National Venezuelaian Oil Co. signed an agreement in 2009 according to which the former was committed to build four Aframax tankers at an estimated cost of $200 million.

Due to their favorable size (250 meters length, 44 meters breadth, 21 meters height) and the 21,000 horsepower engine, Aframax tankers can call on most ports across the globe. The vessels serve regions that do not have very large ports or offshore oil terminals to accommodate very large crude carriers and ultra-large crude carriers.

  Leading Role

Aframax class tankers are largely used in the Black Sea, the North Sea, the Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean. Non–OPEC exporting countries also require the tankers because the harbors and canals through which these countries export their oil are too small to accommodate VLCCs and ULCCs.

SADRA was founded in 1968 as a small ship repair yard in Bushehr. Since then, it has established itself as a leading shipbuilding and ship repairing company in Iran. It is also active in offshore oil & gas development. The company, which is a sister company of Iran Shipbuilding and Offshore Industries Complex Co., specializes in building ships, docks and floating oil rigs.

Dedicated to safe ships and clean seas, the International Association of Classification Society makes a unique contribution to maritime safety and regulation through technical support, compliance verification and research and development. More than 90% of the world's cargo carrying tonnage is covered by the classification design, construction and through-life compliance rules and standards set by the 13 member societies of IACS

Tehran is under punitive economic sanctions because of its nuclear energy program. Six world powers (the US, China, France, Russia, UK plus Germany) are meeting for several weeks now to thrash out a final agreement to the long drawn out dispute that imposes some curbs on Tehran's nuclear development plans and calls for lifting the sanctions. Details of the agreement are to be finalized by a June 30 deadline.