WANO Assessing Bushehr Power Plant

WANO Assessing Bushehr Power PlantWANO Assessing Bushehr Power Plant

The World Association of Nuclear Operators started its "comparative assessment" of the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant on June 13, the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran reported late on Sunday.

According to the AEOI website, 25 experts are evaluating the plant's performance and compatibility with the standards and criteria of the nuclear industry, and will afterward propose measures to enhance the plant's efficiency.

This is the second time the association is assessing the plant located in Iran's southern port city by the same name. The first was carried out in 2010 whose follow up was completed in 2012. WANO helps companies and countries that have an operating commercial nuclear power plant to achieve the highest possible standards of nuclear safety. The organization's declared mandate is to help its members achieve the highest levels of operational safety and reliability.

This is achieved through a series of special programs, namely peer reviews, access to technical support and a global library of operating experience. Based in London with regional centers in Moscow, Atlanta, Tokyo and Paris, WANO cuts across political barriers and interests.?

The organization is a non-profit organization and does not advocate for, or on behalf of, the nuclear industry.

While WANO works directly with its members, the organization is not a regulatory body and does not advise companies on issues such as initial reactor design selection. All operating power plants across the globe can be assessed by the organization by setting prior arrangements every four years. With safety as the only goal, WANO helps operators communicate effectively and share information openly. Experience shows many accidents could have been prevented if lessons had been learned from previous incidents.

WANO’s overriding priority is the assurance of nuclear safety and excellence in operational performance. Membership in WANO is voluntary and carries with it special commitments and obligations.

It is in the best interest of each member, and of the industry, that all nuclear power operators worldwide are WANO members.