1st Strategic Oil Congress in Oct.

1st Strategic Oil Congress in Oct.1st Strategic Oil Congress in Oct.

The First Strategic Oil & Energy  Congress will be held in Tehran with the participation of Iranian and international firms and representatives of energy forums in October, ISNA reported.

Representatives from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, Gas Exporting Countries Forum, International Energy Agency, and senior managers and policymakers in the oil and gas sector will participate in the congress, which will be held on October 19 – 21, in Olympic Hotel of Tehran.

Latest technology developments in seven upstream fields, namely advanced and smart drilling, improved oil recovery, enhanced oil recovery, seismic activities, production in deepwater, shale oil and shale gas, are the main issues to be addressed in the congress.

Other major issues include petrochemical and refining (e.g. economically viable conversion of gas to propylene, petrorefining), natural gas (e.g. gas to liquids, liquefied natural gas, increased efficiency and cost mitigation) renewable energy, energy conservation (energy consumption in energy-intensive industries), vehicles (consumption of compressed natural gas, hybrid and electric cars, increased efficiency), and electricity (e.g. increasing efficiency and capacity of gas turbines, smart distribution networks).