Hydropower Underpins Iran Clean Energy

Hydropower Underpins Iran Clean Energy
Hydropower Underpins Iran Clean Energy

A further 5,500 megawatts of hydro-powered electricity has been generated.  This is a record-high in clean electricity production this year, said an official.

Farbod Estiri, the managing director of Hydroelectricity Stations’ Management Center, said by the end of this summer, hydroelectricity capacity reached 32,000 megawatts, Mehr news agency reported.

Hydroelectricity accounts for 15 percent of the total power production capacity in the country. In the first half of the current year (March 21 to September 22) 9.8 billion kilowatt hours of energy was produced through hydroelectric power stations.

The country’s hydroelectric power generation rose by 7 percent compared to the first half of the previous year.

Despite the water crisis in recent years, dams were leveled at the planned quantity for the water year, steadily producing electricity at a rate higher than projected.

Based on the annual report of Iran’s Energy Ministry, the country’s hydroelectric power generation capacity was 10.5 gigawatts in the past year. The total electricity generation currently stands at 70,000 megawatts.

Iran is currently the biggest electricity producer in the Middle East, and 14th in the world.