Iran Jet Fuel Production to Rise

Iran Jet Fuel Production to Rise
Iran Jet Fuel Production to Rise

Iran is both producing and exporting jet fuel seasonally and on demand, production coordinator in the National Iranian Oil Refining & Distribution Company told Mehr News Agency.

Pointing to two types of jet fuel, namely LL100, produced in Abadan Refinery in southern Iran, and Jp4 used in passenger and jet planes in addition to trainer aircrafts and propellers, Saeid Mahjoubi reiterated that they compete with foreign brands not only in quality but also in price.

Iran has recently finalized an agreement to supply Afghanistan and the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq with fuel jet.

"Iran is capable of producing and exporting quality plane and helicopter fuel," Mahjoub noted, adding that refineries are doing their best to diversify their byproduct production.

Referring to the refining capacity in Iran which currently stands at 1,870,000 barrels a day, the official said, "As soon as Persian Gulf refinery becomes operational, the refining capacity will increase to 2,100,000 bpd and surpasses that of Saudis that is currently.

Jet fuel is a specialized type of fuel used to power aircraft. It is generally of a higher quality than what is used in heating or road transport.

Moreover, it often contains additives to reduce the risk of icing or explosion due to high temperature among other properties.