Iran Builds Offshore Tidal Turbines

Iran Builds Offshore Tidal TurbinesIran Builds Offshore Tidal Turbines

Researchers at the Iran University of Science and Technology have built vertical axis tidal turbines for the first time in the country, Mehr news agency reported.

Shahram Derakhshan, member of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Science and Technology said Iranian researchers have manufactured vertical axis tidal turbines with a completely domestic design.

“The laboratory samples of the turbines have successfully undergone the production phase sponsored by the University of Science and Technology and the vice-presidency for Science and Technology,” said Derakhshan, adding the turbines are soon to be patented. According to the official, each unit of these offshore tidal turbines produces 5-10 kilowatts of energy.

Iran is the pioneer of wind turbines and power plant technology in the Middle East. Currently, 660-KW wind turbines are constructed by domestic engineers. Iran’s electricity industry ranks 14th in the world and first in the Middle East in terms of electricity generation with an installed capacity of 72,000 MW.