2 SP Phases Producing LPG

2 SP Phases Producing LPG2 SP Phases Producing LPG

The first liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) unit for South Pars gas field phases 15 and 16 has come into operation; Shana quoted the operator of the phases as saying Sunday.

An ethane cracker unit and a sulfur recovery unit (SRU) will also go on stream in the two phases' refinery by the end of June, Reza Forouzesh said. Production of ethane and LPG in Phases 15 and 16 is expected to commence by September.

Phases 15 and 16 of South Pars are under development for the production of 56.6 million cubic meters of natural gas (mcm), 75,000 barrels of gas condensate, 400 tons of sulfur per day and 1.05 million tons of LPG and one million tons of ethane per annum to provide feedstock for petrochemical complexes.

Phase 15 went into operation, and sour gas extraction commenced in early January. The first batch of gas from Phase 16 was injected into the national gas pipeline in December.

South Pars, located in the Persian Gulf, is the world’s largest gas field, shared between Iran and Qatar. The field has a capacity of producing 820 mcm/d and 1 mcm/d of gas and gas condensates.