Work in Progress at Hamedan Dam

Work in Progress at Hamedan DamWork in Progress at Hamedan Dam

Water supply from the Talvar Dam in Hamedan, in west Iran, is among the most crucial projects to help meet the potable water needs of the city. It is scheduled to become operational by the yearend (20 March), of course if funding does not fall short, Hamedan Governor Ali Taali said Thursday.

"The project has made 52 percent physical progress," the official said, expressing hope that the budgetary constraints would be addressed during President Hassan Rouhani's trip to the province, ILNA reported. It did not elaborate on the funding issues or say when the president would visit the northwestern province, one of Iran's major tourist hubs.

Highlighting the fact that the project so far has created more than 1400 jobs directly and indirectly, Ali Kaviani the project operator said," The water transfer pipeline is 138 meters in length. There are six reservoirs each with a 150,000-cubic-meter capacity plus three pumping stations."

Referring to the state-of-the-art design of the dam, he added, "Water will be pumped three times to reach Kitou reservoir. A 36-km pipeline is needed to move the water from the water treatment facilities to the urban reservoir, out of which 20-km has already been laid." According to Kaviani an estimated $170 million is required to complete the project, so far $70 million has been spent and the rest has to be approved."

Yahya Heidari, the project manager said on Thursday, "Ninety percent of the water treatment equipment and machinery ought to be procured from abroad and given the banking limitations, there are pending issues to be dealt with.", Mehr news agency quoted the manager as saying.