RIPI to Build Refinery Units Overseas

RIPI to Build Refinery Units Overseas
RIPI to Build Refinery Units Overseas

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI) has won an international tender to build and design four refineries as a licensor for the first time in a foreign country, whose name has not been revealed yet, Shana news agency quoted Mansour Bazmi, head of the RIPI Downstream Industries Research Center as saying Wednesday.

The research center has played a key role in the production and export of science and technology in oil, gas and petrochemical industries in the country and region. It also has contributed to wealth production and promotion of the knowledge-based economy.

Referring to the contract which is due to be concluded in near future, Bazmi said, "The contract includes important refinery units such as gasoline production (naphtha treatment and gasoline octane units), visbreaker as well as diesel treatment units that will be constructed under license."

A visbreaker is a processing unit in an oil refinery whose purpose is to reduce the quantity of residual oil produced in the distillation of crude and increase the yield of more valuable middle distillates (heating oil and diesel) by the refinery.

Underscoring the achievement, the official reiterated that RIPI can and should compete with other international institutions and expand its role and influence in the region and beyond.

RIPI was founded in 1959. Its primary aim was carrying out research on the application of petroleum materials. It has continued its activities with the aim of carrying out fundamental, applied, and developmental research. One of its programs is to contribute to added value via production and commercialization of technology via R&D of new technologies and indigenization of cutting-edge technologies.