E. Azerbaijan Power Sector Lacks Funding

E. Azerbaijan Power Sector Lacks FundingE. Azerbaijan Power Sector Lacks Funding

Inadequate state funding and private sector fatigue in investing in East Azerbaijan electricity generation projects have caused the province to lag behind in power plant development, which is deemed essential for technological progress, Hamid Chitchian the energy minister said in a ceremony inaugurating electricity projects on Wednesday, ILNA news agency reported.

Highlighting the importance of steady electricity supply to manufacturing and industrial units in the province as well as expansion of production and transmission capacity through renewable energy resources, Chitchian expressed hope that the Heris county 1000 MW power plant will go on stream in the near future. Hossein Sabouri, managing director of Azerbaijan Regional Electricity Co. said on Wednesday, "In spite of the fact that 112 transmission and distribution projects are being implemented in Ardabil, East and West Azerbaijan provinces at an estimated cost of $510 million, East Azerbaijan is grappling with power production challenges."

Following President Hassan Rouhani' trip to East Azerbaijan this week, eleven electricity projects, including the construction and expansion of power plants and transmission went into operation. The projects reportedly cost $18.3 million.