Major Compounding Unit Operational at Petrochem Co.

Major Compounding Unit  Operational at Petrochem Co. Major Compounding Unit  Operational at Petrochem Co.

Khodad Gharibpour, director of the Shazand Petrochemical Co. said on Thursday, “In spite of the crippling sanctions and international restrictions, the biggest compounding complex in his company went on stream to produce different grades of propylene, poly propylene and poly ethylene instead of ethylene, methanol and ammoniac, Mehr news agency quoted the managing director as saying.

The new compound department in the polypropylene unit became operational and will increase production capacity through extrusion machine by two tons per hour.”

An extrusion machine is a device which pushes or pulls a material through a shaped die to form a continuous length of product with a preset cross section.

The extrusion process is used to produce a large number of commercial products which include steel or copper wire, plastic tubing, plastic sheets, and many food types.

Extrusion as a manufacturing process offers many benefits such as a wide range of complex cross sections and the ability to form brittle materials.

Depending on the material used, an extrusion machine may form the material, cold or hot, with some types of materials being completely melted prior to extrusion.  

Launching the biggest extrusion machinery with the help of Italian and German companies has led to the production of one the most strategic products in petrochemical industries called polypropylene compound, which is widely used in packing, car spare parts manufacturing, foodstuff and cosmetics industries , the news agency said.