New Tankers Boost Oil Storage Capacity

New Tankers Boost Oil Storage CapacityNew Tankers Boost Oil Storage Capacity

Shirzaz and Mahshahr oil storage tankers, with a capacity to store 470 million liters (ml) of oil equivalent, will go on stream by May 24 boosting Iran's oil product storage capacity, Shana news agency quoted Abdollah Mollabagher, engineering director at the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), as saying Wednesday.

Shiraz storage facility comprises 10 tanks with a total storage capacity of 170 ml, and is planned to store three types of oil products, namely gasoline, kerosene, and diesel. The facility lies in the vicinity of Shiraz oil refinery, in Fars Province. Mahshahr oil storage site, in the southern Khuzestan Province, consists of 16 oil tanks, with a total capacity of 300 ml, and will be utilized to store several oil products.

Four oil storage facilities, each with a capacity of one million barrels, were also inaugurated in Kharg Oil Terminal earlier this month.  The new storage facilities have increased Iran's oil export capacity by 20 percent.