Petrochem Sector Appeals to Germans

Petrochem Sector Appeals to Germans Petrochem Sector Appeals to Germans

German's interest in investing in Iran's petrochemical industries has led their ambassador in Iran  to visit Asaluyeh to see and get familiar with petrochemical projects and developmental plans in the region, IRNA news agency reported.

In the one-day trip, Michael von Ungern-Sternberg and his entourage were accompanied by the National Petrochemical Co. deputy manager Mohammd Hossein Peyvandi.

The ambassador was also slated to visit Jam, Aria Sasoul, Pars, Zagrosand Nouri, Pars Port petrochemical complexes in addition to Asaluyeh phase 2 projects including Marjan, Nouri Kavian and Boushehr.  

Huge gas reservoirs, feedstock abundance, accessibility to water and being located near marine transport routes are among merits which have attracted investors to petrochemical industries. The future of this industry is so promising that some believe Iran is the "future heaven" of petrochemical industries in the world as a result of which foreign investors, in particular Europeans, are eager to join the petrochemical projects.

Asaluyeh, among other petrochemical hubs, has special advantageous the most important of which is easy access to feedstock.

Asaluyeh is located off the Persian Gulf some 270 km SE of the provincial capital of Bushehr, it is best known as the site for the land based facilities of the huge PSEEZ (Pars Special Energy Economic Zone) project.

Asaluyeh was chosen as the site of the PSEEZ for being the closest land point to the largest natural gas field in the world, the South Pars / North Dome Gas-Condensate field. An existing airport and direct access to international waters via a deep water port are other plus points.