Gas Storage at Sarajeh

Gas Storage at SarajehGas Storage at Sarajeh

Gas injection has commenced in Sarajeh storage facility, with the objective to store and later extract the gas in the cold season, IRNA reported Saturday.

Approximately four billion cubic meters (bcm) of natural gas per day is to be stored in Sarajeh in the current Iranian calendar year (began March 21), a figure which is expected to ultimately reach 1.3 bcm. Sarajeh gas injection capacity is around 10 bcm owing to three turbo compressor units operating in the facility.  

Nearly 1.2 bcm of gas has been extracted from the facility since November 12, 2014. Gas injection to Sarajeh facility increased by 35 percent last year, to stand at 1.24 bcm in total.

Sarajeh, the first natural gas storage facility in Iran and the Middle East, was officially inaugurated last January near Qom, 124km south of Tehran. It has the capacity to store 1.2 billion cubic meters of gas in its first phase and 3.3 billion cubic meters in the second.

Iran, with 33.6 trillion cubic meters of proved gas reserves, ranks second in the world, after Russia, but faces gas shortage every winter. The country is planning to expand its underground natural gas storage capacity to ensure that enough natural gas is available during peak demand periods to avoid electricity supply shortfalls in the future.

 Around 2bcm of gas is will be stored in two storage facilities, Sarajeh and Shourijeh, to be re-extracted in winter. As envisaged in the plan, several gas storage facilities will go on stream over the next few years, securing gas supply stability, especially during cold season.