Progress in N. Azadegan Oil Field

Progress in N. Azadegan Oil Field
Progress in N. Azadegan Oil Field

Referring to the completion of reservoir studies in the North Azadegan gas/oil field, the project manager, Karamat Behbahani, said," Development of the second phase will be completed stage by stage. Twenty wells will be drilled during the first phase to produce 25000 barrels; meanwhile behavior of the wells will be studied. This project has had 94% progress and its oil production will increase to about 75000 barrels by June”, Shana news agency reported.

The Azadegan field is located 80 kilometres west of Ahvaz, near the Iraqi border. The first exploration well was drilled in the field in 1976, but its discovery was finalized after drilling the second well in 1999. The field has an approximate area of 900 square kilometres (350 sq mi). It is said that the field has oil-in-place reserves of about 33.2 billion barrels and recoverable resources estimated at about 5.2 billion barrels. It is one of the NIOC's recent discoveries and the biggest oil field found in Iran in the last 30 years.

Behbahani reiterated,"as the field did not have early production, it is neither possible to assess the reservoir behavior nor to provide the second phase scenario; thus, as the second phase develops, we’ll have enough time to study phase one reservoirs.”

The official added,” we exchanged views on major issues as well as employer and contractor’s commitments, yet negotiations are still going on to find solutions to all controversial issues. Although there have been some minor changes in subprojects, the main project will incur no extra expenses. ”

The official underlined that gas and oil delivery point from the Azadegan field has been discussed. West Karoon pumping station and NGL3200, upon completion, will be used to receive oil and gas; otherwise, alternative methods such as bypass will replace them. He also said that China National Petroleum Corporation International will build the bypass and the items have already been procured.

West Karun, located in southwest Iran, includes Yaran and Mansouri fields as well as Yadavaran and North and South Azadegan joint fields with Iraq. Development plans for West Karun are aimed at expanding crude production by 700,000 barrels per day. West Karun fields are projected to produce one million barrels of oil per day in 2018.

The project manager noted, “Should the bypass be completed, oil will not enter the pumping station. It will pass the pump and enter the main pipeline to get to Abu Sunbul in Ahvaz.